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After the 800 page report issued by the House of Representatives Benghazi committee, Hilary Clinton has claimed that "it is time to move on."

One person who is defiantly refusing to do just that is Patricia Smith whose son was killed in the attacks. For Mrs. Smith, the tragedy in Benghazi is something that she will never have the privilege of moving on from.

The worst part is that all Mrs. Smith has ever wanted is closure; an explanation of why her son, an information management officer, had to die in the middle of the desert halfway around the world. All it would take is a phone call, but according to Mrs. Smith she has yet to receive any such gesture from the Hilary camp.

Time, and time again Mrs. Smith has pleaded for Hilary to allow her the decency of understanding the reasoning behind her son's demise. Instead, she has to contend with one of the most recognizable "faces" in America downplaying her child's death on national television.

One can only imagine the heartbreak of a mother whose son was killed for seemingly no reason. What is even harder to understand is that what that same grief would feel like with one of America's most prominent public figures continually laughing in your face.

If Hillary can not explain to America why Americans had to die that fateful night in Benghazi, the least she could do is explain it to the victims' mothers.

Alas, they're not a big enough interest group to move the poll numbers. If only Mrs. Smith worked for Goldman Sachs, maybe then she would be able to coerce some truth from Hillary's mouth.

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