There can’t possibly be anything worse than losing a child.

There is nothing more disgusting than knowing that the parent of that child possibly took advantage of the generosity of others, effectively pimping-out her deceased kid, to purchase a car with money donated to her to help cover the expenses of her son’s funeral.

This is exactly what DNAInfo, a local Chicago (IL) news outlet, is reporting happened with respect to little 9-year old Tyshawn Lee, who was murdered in an alley in Chicago.

Approximately 700 people contributed to a GoFundMe account set up to help his mother bury her son. Instead, according to deleted Facebook posts, as reported by DNAInfo, she took $17,000.00 of the donated funds to go car shopping. She is said to have purchased a brand new Chrysler 200, via down payment.

The funeral home, having recognized her dire financial straits at the time of Tyshawn’s death, donated the interment!

Ms. Lee is now the target of criticism. Many people want their donations back. Lee addressed the matter by denying the purchase of the vehicle, then claimed it was for personal protection, and also claimed she used her own money.

This is a lesson to all those who rightfully feel sympathy for people like Lee, in terms of making sure their donations will be spent according. As well as, a lesson for the recipient to return un-necessary funds, or pay-it-forward, by donating in-kind and in full disclosure to those contributing.

Source: Mad World News

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