Recently, Missy M. Kalidy said that during a trip to the Edmond, Oklahoma Target, a strange child kept coming up to her 4-year old daughter and trying to give her something. The other child was estimated to be under the age of 10.

Ms. Kalidy’s daughter did not want the candy the other girl was offering. Oddly, that young girl kept pestering Ms. Kalidy’s daughter until, finally, Missy told the young girl that her daughter did not want the candy.

At the check-out, the young girl reappeared offering gum. Again, Ms. Kalidy’s daughter refused. By this time Missy was looking around to find out who this kid belonged to. She spotted a man, just beyond the checkout coaching the other girl.

Ms. Kalidy alerted store staff and the man bolted with the other child. They took off in a van. Ms. Kalidy wishes she had grabbed the young girl as she believes she was bait for a pedophile. Who knows if the little even girl belonged to that man?

While that is certainly frightening, it is what Ms. Kalidy said next that should cause your heart to drop into the pit of your stomach.

“The manager told me they target Target because moms are there during the day with their kids, and many times turn their backs when loading the car and they can grab them from shopping carts.”

Good God. Please hold onto your young children, and do not turn your back on your older children. Teach them to defend themselves, kick, scream, bite, fight, and all about stranger danger. It will save their life should the need arise.

Certainly we all remember the story of young Adam Walsh who went around the endcap from his mom and tragedy that followed.

Source: Mad World News

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