Residents in the deadliest neighborhood in Indianapolis are standing behind a mother who was forced to take matters into her own hands to defend herself and her three children as an intruder tried to break into their neighborhood.

The mother, who remains unidentified, is also receiving support from the local police after shooting the intruder.

They say she came “face-to-face” with 19-year-old Michael Hawkins, who was armed and coming through the front door of her apartment.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Aaron Hamer told local media, “It is disheartening that we see burglaries resulting in death, but we live in Indiana and it’s legal for people to have guns to protect themselves.”

Hawkins was found dead inside the threshold of the apartment and her neighbors say they don’t blame her for the shooting.

“You have to defend yourself. We have laws for that,” said neighbor Janice Taylor.

“I hate to see that it happened, but that’s what happens when you go into people’s home trying to take their stuff,” another neighbor, Julius Radcliff, told reporters.

He said he heard gunshots and saw one man flee the scene while another man drove away in a possible get-away car.


Police are following those leads, but have not confirmed if the two men are considered accomplices.

The Eastside neighborhood is the deadliest in the Indianapolis metropolitan area and this shooting is the second time in two days that a parent has had to defend their family against an intruder.

Residents say they are hopeful that once criminals understand that people are not afraid to defend themselves, their families and their homes, they will “begin to think twice” before trying to break into a home.

The mother and her three children were unharmed in the incident.

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Source: Fox 59

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