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When we first heard the news that troubled Baltimore was once again in the national spotlight, we assumed that it was young anarchists and thugs playing the race card as an excuse to create mayhem, and not Baltimore City’s newly elected State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who would torch and burn down the city (figuratively speaking).

Yet in a sense that’s exactly what the highest ranking city law enforcement official did – destroy the integrity of the judicial system and the concept of due process based on factual evidence, rather than a politically motivated witch hunt, fueled by a perverse understanding of the law.

Now perhaps Lady Justice will once again prevail in Baltimore thanks to a Georgetown law professor who filed disbarment charges against this arrogant and incompetent woman for her corrupt prosecution of six Baltimore cops in the death of Freddie Gray, a small time thug and career criminal.

The list of charges against Mosby is quite impressive, including:

1. Filing a case with a lack of probable cause, and whether there was sufficient admissible evidence to support those charges;
2. Making willful false public statements;
3. Improperly withholding evidence that was exculpatory; and
4. Disregarding a judges assessment of insufficient evidence.

There seems little doubt that Mosby’s indictment of the six officers was politically motivated in her apparent support of the hate group Black Lives Matter.

Cities like Baltimore, such as Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C.  have, for the most part, been governed by Democrats for decades. Baltimore is simply systemic of that corrosive ideology.

Source: Daily Headlines

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