There’s no question that social media has revolutionized how people want to be perceived by others and connect with them, with most people posting photos of special events, happy occasions, interesting news, their pets and, during this election year, messages of support for their favorite candidate.

It’s hard to imagine, though, that any rational person would document his involvement in criminal activity on the Internet for everyone – including law enforcement – to see, but that’s exactly what one Milwaukee resident did on Saturday and Sunday when he proudly shared his participation in the rioting and looting that erupted in that city over the weekend.

Jayrome Williams, whose profile photograph shows a young African-American man in a dark hoodie holding a gold watch, bragged about joining in the looting in a tweet that read: I’m bouta get me some free s*** at hashtag #MilwaukeeLootCrew just before 10 pm on Saturday night as angry mobs took to the streets in the primarily black Sherman Park neighborhood.

It was soon followed by Williams’s admission that white businesses were to be specifically targeted: #MilwaukeeLootCrew we about to loot white owned businesses.

Just minutes later, Williams tweeted again. #Milwaukee and #MilwaukeeUprising we bouta start looting.

Then, at the same “LootCrew” hashtag, a photograph of a young woman wearing a mask and holding a gun: Sis gonna loot with us.

Within two hours, Williams boasted that he was already making a profit from the looting, adding smiley face emojis to this post: Already sold some of the s*** me and my bro looted.

And the best part, amid all the tweets about his “successful” foray into rioting and looting, is a particularly revealing retweet from Vice President Joe Biden: “There’s only one person in this election who will…help you, and that is Hillary Clinton.”


Yep, a Hillary supporter.

The violence that saw cars and businesses burned, stores looted and shots fired was sparked by the shooting death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith after fleeing a traffic stop.

Milwaukee Chief of Police Edward A. Flynn said a review of the video from the officer’s body camera showed Smith raise the gun after refusing to comply with the demand to drop his weapon.

The autopsy performed on Smith confirmed that he was shot in the chest and the arm, not in the back as some Internet rumors claimed.

Smith was African-American, as is the unidentified officer involved in the event.

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