One of the reasons that ISIS is such a potent terrorist force is their super-effective social media efforts to recruit converts to their cause from around the world. Almost everyone has seen portions of the clips that the terrorists use to convince Muslims young and old to join their cause, and even some Americans have been caught trying to sneak to the Middle East to join the upstart caliphate.

But what ISIS doesn't broadcast is how rough life really is as a jihadist. That's something that hasn't received much airtime, until now.

A 16-year-old Swedish girl, Marlin Stivani Nivarlain, was recently rescued from the grasp of ISIS and she opened up about her experience with Kurdish reporters in northern Iraq.

According to Nivarlain, she had started dating a 19-year-old Muslim in 2014 and then he started to become interested in the Islamic State. "He started to look at ISIS videos and speak about them and stuff like that," Nivarlain recounted. Soon they were both leaving Sweden en route to Syria.

They apparently crossed into Syria through the southern point of Turkey and were then ferried to Mosul, an Iraqi city in the center of ISIS's territory.

Nivarlain said that life in Mosul was very hard and that, because she hadn't known anything about Islam before traveling to ISIS, it was unexpected.

"In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, I did not have anything. I did not have any money either. It was a really hard life."

Nivarlain was also pregnant but when Kurdish forces rescued her from ISIS there was no sign of the baby.

Hopefully this sad but truthful tale will help other girlfriends and family members from traveling to ISIS with any radical Islamists who have dreams of fighting for the caliphate. It's not all glory and virgins. Life as a jihadist is really hard. And thank goodness America is helping make it harder.

h/t: Washington Post

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