A report from the Center for Security Policy warns that a growing number of Muslim groups are gathering in Ferguson, Missouri in an attempt to co-opt protests related to the tragic shooting death of Michael Brown. These Muslim activists are intent on drawing a connection between Brown's killing and the 2009 FBI shooting of radical Islamist Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah.

This latest Muslim led action comes in the wake of mounting concern over the prospect of violence erupting once the grand jury announces its decision regarding Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Brown. Reps for Muslims For Ferguson have already arrived in the Missouri town in preparation for the legal judgment. Local officials are worried that the the presence of these Muslim groups will result in increased violence and possible bloodshed.

Recently Dawud Walid, of the American-Islamic group, voiced his belief that U.S. police officers are guilty of operating under the belief that black people, and in turn Muslims, are threats. Walid even claimed that Brown, who was buried in a St. Louis Baptist Church, was a Muslim. The spokesman later backtracked and denied he'd made this controversial statement.

It's widely believed that Muslim groups are using the Ferguson case as a way to justify their efforts to curtail security monitoring of the American Muslim community. Kyle Shideler, director of CSP's Threat Information Office, asserts that Muslim groups are planning to align themselves with a number of civil rights organizations. This politically calculated move is seen as a means to cloak groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood within a broader patchwork of socio-political groups all of whom are intent on reforming government security measures and limiting terrorism related surveillance procedures. In this way these Muslim groups are trying to take the emphasis off members of their own community and re-frame the debate as being a fundamental civil rights issue. Their ultimate goal is to weaken U.S. anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism efforts.


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