It’s not just all that 'Confederate' stuff that deeply offended liberals want changed or taken off store shelves. Nope. Now it's the “Midget Raisins.” The term “midget” is considered offensive by groups such as LPA or Little People of America. Unfortunately, this time the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing the change in response from their a petition

The Little People of America want to raise awareness among the public regarding the offensive nature of the term. In part, their petition states, “Though the use of the word midget by the USDA when classifying certain food products is benign, Little People of America, and the dwarfism community, hopes that the USDA would consider phasing out the term midget.”

These are the same people who have no problem caricaturing their population in the dysfunctional demonstration that is the “Little People, Big World” reality show. You would think that of all the things in the world to take issue with, the Little People of American would want that display of embarrassment off the air. Who knows? Maybe it is by now. Nobody is missing out if it is.

There are only five products on the market that use the term “midget.” The target, for now, is the Midget Raisins. While the memo to rename the raisins doesn’t suggest the proposed new name, one writer for the Washington Free Beacon suggests “Thin-Skinned” raisins. That is some hilarious tongue-in-cheek directed at the Little People of America? Won’t the thin-skinned people of America take issue with the new name? One can only hope.

What about "Slim Jims?" That has to be really irritating to tall skinny people.

We are reaching a point in our society and culture whereby anything and everything is racist, sexist, offensive, derogatory, and the list goes on for negative adjectives. We need to get a grip. America was never known for being such a push-over country, yet here we are kowtowing to idiot vocal minorities to change anything that they might take some maniacal interest in. Ridiculous does not even begin to explain the insanity.

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