As the Paris massacre forces Europe to reconsider its immigration policies across the continent, President Obama has vowed to grant entry to thousands of Syrian refugees he claims are fleeing oppression and violence at the hand of Islamic extremists in their homeland.

The president’s policy, however, is weighted heavily toward the acceptance of Muslim Syrians whose cultural and beliefs are at odds with the American communities where they are being sent rather than the Christian Syrians who are facing annihilation at the hands of ISIS and other radical Islamists.

The United States State Department reports that over 2,000 Syrian refugees have been accepted in the U.S. since 2011, of which 96 percent are Muslim with just over two percent Christians.

That proportional representation not only fails to represent the 90:10 percent ratio of Muslim to Christian population in Syria, it demonstrates a policy that gives preferential immigration status to Syrian Muslims seeking entry to the U.S. over their Christian countrymen.

The rise of radical Islamic extremism in the country and surrounding region has destroyed previous decades of relatively peaceful and uneventful coexistence between the two religious groups as al-Qaeda and ISIS have grown in strength and numbers in the region.

Christians previously represented about one-third of the population of Syria and enjoyed many of the same freedoms, including worship, of the majority.

However, as ISIS has moved through Syria and Iraq, reports of the destruction of churches, Christian shrines and villages have accompanied a religious cleansing.

Both Christians and Jews in these regions are told to convert to Islam or pay a tax, essentially a mafia-like “protection” fee to remain. The penalty for refusal is death.

TIME Magazine published a lengthy report of the persecution of Christians in western Africa and the Middle East as ISIS terrorists took more than 200 hostages and killed several Christians in Syria last February, raping the women hostages before they were murdered.

Other video from the region has shown Christians dressed in trademark ISIS orange jumpsuits reciting the Lord’s Prayer as they are shot.

On August 28, ISIS murdered 12 Christians including a pre-teen boy after they refused to convert to Islam. The young boy’s father was forced to see his son tortured while a large crowd assembled to watch before they were both crucified.

Such systematic and barbaric acts continue to occur without wide coverage in the mainstream media, as Christian Syrians find Obama administration policies that favor Muslims just another roadblock to escaping persecution at the hands of radical Islamists.


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