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Some may view this as a sad heartbreaking tale, while others will no doubt be uplifted and inspired, and perhaps still others will see this football-loving child as a tough uncompromising individual who despite his physical challenges, will never give up no matter how many times he may fall back, in his attempt to stand up, for his National Anthem.

And it’s within that “never say die” attitude that Rebecca Wilson, of Chesterfield, Mich, lovingly describes her son Logan’s practice of taking his hat off, and remarkably attempting to stand up for the first time, at the playing of the National Anthem.

“Until yesterday, I never really saw him try to stand,” Wilson said, “He just knew that is what we do to show respect to our country and everyone who fights so hard for us.”

Logan who suffers from cerebral palsy was captured on video trying to stand, and although he fell back a few times, he would not give up, and at one point he attempted to place has hand over his heart.

Moreover it’s not often that a 9-year old child can perhaps shame or hopefully be a role model for those healthy million dollar athletes, (Kaepernick anyone?) who might be thinking of sitting out the National Anthem, while little Logan is watching you on TV.

Despite Logan’s overwhelming physical setbacks he understands and loves everyone, and is a big fan of both the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers.

Share this inspirational video with family and friends and show Logan the support and love he deserves. This incredible young man absolutely rocks!!!

Source: Fox

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