When it comes to absurdity it seems that the Muslim mindset is the gift that keeps on giving. And once again common sense takes a backseat and stupidity drives the conversation.

This time a Muslim woman is suing Kotex (the tampon company), for $1.4 million because she claims a tampon cost the girl her virginity, because the tampon apparently (my Muslim standards), “deflowered” the young girl.

Fatima Ushban, mother of five and recently immigrated from Bangladesh, believes the company has tarnished her young daughter’s body. In the Muslim community, this is a catastrophe as a girl must be a virgin when she is married off, or she is basically considered a whore.

The family’s attorney Ben Ali Mufta asked: “Why is there no warning that a women’s hymen can be broken when the tampon is inserted into the vaginal region? This is the question we ask.”

He continued; “The breaking of the hymen and resulting loss of virginity of my client’s daughter will have dire consequences for this young girl for the rest of her life.”

No doubt it would’ve been wise if this Muslim woman would have followed the teachings of her 7th century religion, and adhere to Muslim teachings, as outlined by local imam, Yasaf Budut, who claims the use of tampons is not allowed by Islamic law. “All forms of masturbation are prohibited by Islamic law.”


In short, the true culprit by Islamic standards is actually the Muslim woman for allowing the young girl to use a tampon and not following Islamic law…perhaps a little stoning is in order?

h/t: Right Wing News



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