The public school system has been pushing Islam on students of all age. However, in Bakersfield, California, the public school system pushes Islam even harder while omitting all the atrocities from within the religion.

A seventh grade teacher sent home some homework that included an entire history lesson on Islam that went so far as to have a qr code for the kids to scan on their cell phones, so they can listen to the actual Muslim call to prayer at a mosque.

After realizing what was being taught to her child, Tara Cali sent back a lesson to the teacher as well as teaching her son a lesson.


Rather than letting her student finish the homework, Tara Cali sent back the lesson with the words “My son WILL not be a part of this in any sort of way” along with six Bible verses.

She added that “This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake, If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer.” At the bottom of the page, Tara Cali wrote “How about Christian practices? That sheet has never come home, this year or last!”

Public school systems, depending on the region, has outlawed praying in schools, not bringing a Bible, and other Christian related things, none of which force anything on a non-believer. The 270 million people killed by Muslims throughout all of history is somehow neglected within these “history” lessons.

Somehow, Confederate flags are no appropriate for textbooks or lessons, yet Islam is allowed to stay in the textbook and be complete lessons. However, when a parents says there kid will not learn about Islam, the parent is called a bigot. Christianity is one of the oldest religions in the world, yet it is not taught as part of “history”.

Do you think that students, seventh grade and younger, should be forcefully taught about Islam?

Source: Mad World News

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