One California mother decided that it would be a nice thing for her write her son notes and put them in his lunch for him to read every day. However, other students soon became interested in the notes, and when the teachers learned of what was going on at school they sent a police officer to the family's home.

Christina Zavala was just trying to brighten her 7-year-old son's day by writing him little notes to look forward to reading during lunchtime at school.

Each note contained a Bible verse. The boy, named only as "C," would read the notes every day at lunch and eventually other kids began to take notice.

C's classmates became very interested in the Bible verses and eventually Christina began to pack verses and short "stories" for her son's friends as well.

This is until the school found out about it.

As soon as the teachers discovered this harmless daily ritual, they instructed the family that the notes could only be read at the school gate.

Eventually this too began to grow support and draw attention, which outraged the school staff.

“On May 9, Principal Melanie Pagliaro reportedly approached C’s father, Jaime Zavala, and demanded he and the boy move completely off school property and onto the public sidewalk,” reported the Washington Times. “The family immediately complied.”

Only a few hours later the family was greeted by a police officer at their front door demanding that the notes be stopped all together, fearing that“someone might be offended.”

The family became fed up with the oppression that they were facing because they are Christians and sought legal help. They employed The Liberty Counsel, a Christian nonprofit litigation group, and are threatening legal action against “Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale for ‘an outrageous violation of a first grader’s constitutional rights.’”

Horatio Mihet, senior litigation counsel with Liberty Counsel, explained that he "would expect something like this to happen in Communist Romania, where I went to elementary school, but cops don’t bully 7-year-olds who want to talk about Jesus in the Land of the Free.”

The school was given till June 1st to change the decision and avoid legal action,  but as of now it has has done nothing. District superintendent Raul Maldonado reported, “I am very concerned about this incident. I have directed that a speedy investigation be conducted, and I can assure you that all appropriate action will be taken once the facts are known.”

Hopefully the matter will be resolved shortly and justice will be served to this oppressive school district. It does make you sad to see how society is becoming so ultra-liberal that our basic constitutional rights seem to be just flying out the window.

Going forward on a path like this, who knows how long we will have freedom of speech and religion? It's up to us to help fight back for our God-given constitutional rights and make America great again.

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Source: Mad World News

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