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The nightmare scenario for any loving parent is to lose a child, however to lose a child at the hands of a brutal rape and murder is inconceivable.

And for Diena Thomspon that “inconceivable nightmare” took place in a deserted house in 2009, when her 7-year old daughter Somer was walking home from school.

The convicted murderer and rapist Jared Harrell, was squatting in the house that  was in foreclosure after Harrell’s parents moved out.

And although it’s been 5-long years since the day Diena Thompson’s little girl was murdered hopefully that reminder of that horrible crime, the house where that crime took place has finally been consumed in flames.

The bank, after taking possession, transferred ownership of the house to the ”Somer Thompson Foundation”,  which gave Thompson a novel idea.

Thompson got in touch with the Orange Park Fire Department and offered that the house could be a great benefit if it was used for training exercises, and then burned to the ground.

The fire department of course agreed, and hopefully Thompson got a small measure of closure walking up to the house and throwing a flare inside, and igniting the place.


“I am the big bad wolf this time, knocking down your door,” Thompson told WJXT-TV outside the Orange Park property surrounded by firefighters.



Source: Right Wing News




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