It's always awesome to see people come together and help one another when the need arises. That's what being citizens of the greatest country on earth is all about, and it was recently proved in none other place than a Dollar General store in the state of Florida.

A mother and her 13-year-old daughter were shopping in their local Dollar General when Craig Bonello, a 30-year-old man from Hernando, Florida, ran up to the daughter and started to physically carry her out of the store.

The incident, which was caught on video and partially released to the public, is disturbing to say the least.

Luckily for the daughter, this Florida woman wasn't letting go of her daughter without a fight. The mother yanked the daughter away from Bonello who fled the store to his waiting car.

Serendipity struck, however, because at the moment that Bonello was trying to flee the scene, the Dollar General store manager yelled to an off-duty sheriff's deputy that the man had tried to kidnap one of his customers.

Sergeant Craig Callahan pulled his undercover police vehicle into the path of Bonello's car as he attempted to escape and thenĀ arrested the would-be-kidnapper.

Though Bonello is under arrest for kidnapping and child abuse, it's quite an odd situation because no one knows why this man would even attempt to kidnap a young girl in the middle of the day in a busy dollar store with her mother just steps away.

Bonello's uncle said that "He needs to talk to some psychiatrists and find out what the issue is," and we couldn't agree more heartily.

This is exactly the type of citizen-police encounter that the mainstream media wants you to believe doesn't exist anymore. The narrative of abusive and violent cops is being usedĀ to overshadow the good that done all around the country every day by these men and women who are serving us. Let's try and remember that.

h/t: NBC News

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