Ever wonder what some of those random symbols are you see on your kids clothing and toys? 

You’ve probably mastered the picture language when it comes to identifying some brands, bands, and video game logos. How about the spiral-heart logo? Any ideas?

Well, one mom has figured it out and the news is being shared with the world. Nicole O’Kelly, of Greece, New York noticed the little spiral-heart image on her young daughter’s plushy monster-truck.


After some research, the family learned that the spiral-heart graphic is a calling card of sorts for child molesters. This particular image means the pervert likes little girls.


It turns out there is an entire Chester the Molester signal system floating around out there, and this image is one of several. Parents everywhere need to educate themselves in this regard.


It is one thing for a symbol such as this to erroneously end up on a child’s toy, as was the case here. It is quite another to see a creepy perv-looking person sporting such a logo.

Be cognizant parents. Only you can best protect children.

Source: Mad World News



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