Parents, get ready to be infuriated.

Zayde, a 4-year old preschool student is a South-paw. A South-paw who now thinks he is “evil,” sinister”, and an all-around bad-boy. He is now terrified of his left limb.

So much so, that he is going out of his way to avoid any use of his left hand. He came home from school stricken with sinistrophobia, fear of the left hand, courtesy of his lunatic teacher.

Little Zayde was the unfortunate victim of his pre-school teacher, who took it upon his/herself to re-train the child to use the hand opposite that which his brain has been hard-wired to recognize as dominate.

The teacher ridiculed the child and forced him to use his right hand in school. In addition to all the evilness the teacher levied at the child, she let him know how “unlucky” he was to be born that way.

One has to wonder how many left-to-right converts this teacher has successfully ministered to, and how many now have learning disabilities, social disorders, and depression problems.

Zayde’s mom did the right thing, or left thing depending on how you want to look at it, and brought the matter to the school’s attention only to learn that that they did not care. To anybody’s knowledge, let alone Zayde’s mother, the teacher has not been disciplined.

Meanwhile her son has been irreparably damaged, psychologically, because of the monster ruling his classroom. Zayde’s mom is not done. She plans to take this to the Oklahoma Board of Education next.

Along the way, perhaps she can left-hand bitch-slap the teacher.

So our left-handed president….How would the teacher view him? Where is our president on this? Will Zayde, fellow South-paw to Obama, be invited to the White House? After all he has just been discriminated against at school. Or would he have to be Muslim and have built a left-handed timing device?

Source: Mad World News



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