How anyone could call this going-too-far is ridiculous.  That some are claiming Child Protective Service needs to step in is beyond comprehensible.  What is so egregious, you ask?  Indiana mom, Alicia Velásquez making her slovenly teenage daughters clean up their rooms.

Scratch that. The crime is that Ms. Velásquez cleaned up her slob daughters’ rooms and took their unkempt belongings away from them.  After repeatedly telling them to clean up their acts, and that their rooms looked like “homeless people live there,” and having her demands met with the classic teenage response of ignoring authority, she bagged their belongings up.

Literally. She gathered their belonging and put them in garbage sacks. Obviously the girls believed their stuff to be worthless having left it laying around. Let’s face it, judging by the volumes of bags this mother loaded to the max, 13 in all, the girls were, in fact, living in proverbial dumpsters.

However, the bags did not end up in the trash. They await the girls purchase. They may buy a bag back at the bargain-basement price of 5-bucks, after they do chores to earn the money.

Perhaps, the ladies will come to learn the meaning of “pride of ownership” once they have to work to earn money to pay for the stuff they hold so dear as to leave it scattered about like garbage.

Good for this mom! As for the other moms who think this is so horrific a disciplinary tactic, let’s just tell them to have fun cleaning up after the kids!

Source: Mad World News

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