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One wonders what Doctor Martin Luther King would have thought about the likes of an Al Sharpton, or for that matter a movement like “Black Lives Matter”?

Obviously we’ll never know; however someone who was perhaps closest the late civil rights leader was his son Martin Luther King III, who in a recent interview said his father, would condemn all violence.

“My father’s approach to the most brutal and unambiguous social injustices during the civil rights struggle was rooted in nonviolence as a morally and tactically correct response. In no way do I, nor would my father, condone any ‘ends justify the means’ behavior.

King continued; I would say to these young people, you are not unheard. Your disillusionment deserves to be addressed inside and outside the university through cross-cultural dialogue, which should include a greater understanding of oppression.

Only then can your anger be positively redirected through the time-honored process of nonviolence my father utilized to attain his greatest moral victories in seeking justice and fairness for all.”

A message that now seems all but lost within this era of violent confrontations and orchestrated racial division. Where every issue is now measured in the pigmentation of skin color, and where politics and race baiting is more important than attempting to bridge people together regardless of skin color, my sense would be that if Doctor King were alive today, he’d be heartbroken.

Source: Washington Times


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