The City of Baltimore's mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, has come under sharp criticism for saying that protesters deserved "space to destroy" and for not enforcing the law as strongly as she could have when protesters turned violent and began rampaging in the streets.

Her criticism, however, doesn't come merely from critics outside of Rawlings-Blake's racial sphere of influence. A niece of Martin Luther King, Alveda King, wrote an open letter to Baltimore's mayor, calling for her to come to her senses.

She compares the message that Rawlings-Blake sent to rioters--a message that they were being given free rein to destroy and wreak havoc through the city--with the message that Ms. King's father, AD King, and uncle MLK, gave to angry protesters after her home was attacked with firebombs in 1963.

Instead of inciting further violence and giving space for that violence to occur, Ms. King says that her father and uncle asked the people to "abandon violence and turn to God in prayer instead."

However, Ms. King's letter does more than call out Baltimore's mayor for giving place for violence when peace and prayer would likely have had better results. The letter also brings up a comparison between the Baltimore of 1965 with the Baltimore of today. And the comparison isn't good.

After highlighting a series of statistical measurements which could be used to gauge the status of African-American life in Baltimore, Ms. King states that the only statistics that have increased are the number of black children born to intact nuclear families. Every other item on her list, including the number of elected black officials, funds spent on public education, the size of government, and the number of incarcerated and aborted blacks have worsened.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake, you can't hide any longer behind race-baiting or pinning the blame on others. It's time to change and that has to start with the way you handle situations like rioters in the middle of your city.

Thank you, Ms. Alveda King, for not being afraid to speak the truth and call out someone who is doing a poor job at managing a brimming crisis.

h/t: Western Journalism

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