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The war on police officers continues unabated, and this latest incident in Missouri once again highlights the daily threat our police officers face from both the criminal element within our society and an ambivalent and at times adversarial approach by those within the political establishment.

And in almost every incident involving a police shooting of an African-American, it’s the police officer (before any facts are learned), being targeted by the progressive political elites along with the mainstream media.

Which no doubt has given rise to the carnage in both Dallas and in Baton Rouge, and now in Missouri with another ambush attack, of yet another police officer, shot in the line of duty.

Officer Michael Flamion was wounded during a routine traffic stop on July 8th when the assailant suddenly pulled out his weapon and shot officer Flamion in the neck, sustaining “catastrophic damage to his spinal cord.”

The violent assault on the 31-year old officer has left him paralyzed from the neck down, however Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott announced that Flamion will not lose his badge and will remain a police office, regardless of his wounds, stating at a press conference;

“Although it’s evident he will not be able to serve in the same capacity, I will assure that Officer Flamion is ingrained in the Ballwin police family and will forever be a Ballwin police officer, no questions asked.”

The suspect Antonio Taylor was captured hours after a foot chase in the neighboring town of Manchester, and now faces first-degree assault charges, of a law enforcement officer.

Will you pray for Michael Flamion and his family?

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