Life can bring us some harsh lessons, to the point of high anxiety even when we're growing up. America is a country where people can define themselves, no matter how easy, or how rough they've been treated in the past. For a top ten Miss America finalist, Theresa Vail is a fine example of how a woman can shatter common concepts by embarking on a personal quest to better herself.

Bullied early in life at various schools nearly drove this beautiful woman to suicide, but that was derailed by her father, a career military man who took his parenting duties seriously. He introduced her to the world of hunting at a young age.

Theresa Vail and her father were not merely hunting for sport... but hunting for food to feed their large family. That value for life becomes well taught when you're bringing home meat not just for yourself, but for eight other siblings. A value that is best imparted from a caring father to an obviously distressed young daughter. The time they spent together has been noted by Vail, saying that her father actually saved her life by including her on his hunting trips.

Because of that very example, Vail decided to follow in her father's footsteps by serving her country at the age of seventeen. She joined the Kansas Army National Guard and obtained the rank of Sergeant, but Theresa Vail has done more than prove that a gorgeous blonde woman can succeed in a military career.

The talented young woman is going to host her own TV series called Limitless with Theresa Vail, in an effort to bring hope to others by showing them what an individual can achieve; the positive outcome of goal setting and taking action, and even more important, how such skills can even allow a woman to defend herself.

I can't think of a better role model in today's America.

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