What goes up must come down if it's a monument or sign in honor of Confederate history.

As leftist goons continue their physical assault on Southern heritage across America, new symbols are being erected to commemorate liberal heroes and icons.

On Thursday, the California Senate and Assembly passed a resolution to dedicate a portion of the Los Angeles freeway to former President Barack Obama.

A big green freeway sign will mark the spot as President Barack H. Obama Highway.

"I am so proud to have authored this proposal to forever appreciate and commemorate President Obama’s tremendous legacy, statesmanship and direct connection to Southern California,” Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-CA) said in a statement.

“It is also quite appropriate and symbolic that the California Legislature would pass this resolution for a president filled with compassion on the same day we witness another president turn his back on 800,000 children,” he said, in reference to President Trump's decision ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Obama reportedly used the highway to travel from his home in Southern California to Occidental College in Eagle Rock during the late 1970s.

“It is so important that California highlights the dignity of President Obama,” Poratanino said. “His direct connection to Southern California in general and to the 134 Freeway specifically makes this the appropriate and exciting place to recognize his tremendous accomplishments and the presidential manner in which he led our country.”

Democrats are wasting no time setting up monuments to the Anointed One as they double down on their efforts to block Trump from fulfilling his promises to the voters who elected him.

Obama's presidency was lackluster at best, although Democrats had invested so much hope in the former HUD lawyer that he would change America forever.

Obama has delivered in that regard in so many ways -- particularly regarding illegal immigration, illegal foreign wars and ramping up the national debt.

It's up to Trump now to reverse the damage.

Erecting a street sign for a highway named after Obama represents a level of liberal fawning that longs for the days when Democrats thought they ruled the world.

Do you think Obama deserves to have a highway named after him less than a year after he left office?

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