What seems apparent in Minnesota is that refugees have obviously more influence over this governor then the people who elected this scrub to office, and no doubt a major wake-up call for the next election to hopefully get rid of this character.

Gov. Mark Dayton caused outraged when he told residents that he does not have a problem with Syrian refugees being placed in his state, is reason enough for a recall.

In that according to Dayton, he’s “been assured by the White House” that refugees will have gone through high-level security checks. And what if something drastic should happen? Is this character willing to take full responsibility if the projected number of terrorists hidden within this group referenced by both the FBI and Homeland Security  proves to be true?

“Astoundingly” the Governor made it clear to those that put him in office that their support is no longer needed for him to get re-elected  to office, and actually told its citizens to leave the state if they don’t like this massive migration of refugees, stating to those refugees;

“Look around you. This is Minnesota, is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. This is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here, and this is Minnesota, should find another state.”

He continued; “If you are that intolerant,” he continued. “If you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state.”

Obviously this is a security issue, and this character should be ashamed of himself for playing the race card, but then again that’s what Democrats do.

Source: American News



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