Milwaukee is following in the steps of cities like Baltimore, where racial protests and violence are beginning to rule the streets. Following the shooting of an armed suspect by a police officer, members of the black community went on a rampage, burning cars and a gas station and disrupting the city. And that's just the start.

According to one Milwaukee Alderman, an elected official in Milwaukee's government, the outpouring of hatred and violence was just the beginning.

"This is the warning cry," he told members of the community at a meeting. Then he went on to say that the city of Milwaukee is the "worst place in America for African Americans to live."

His warning that the violence that sprang up in the wake of the police shooting was just the beginning is worrisome. Don't these people know that they're not only disrupting their own lives but they're also disrupting the lives of their community members? And when one member of a community suffers, all members do.

But the official who seemed to be stirring up the pot continued with his rant, asking the community to do more.

"Where do we go as a community from here? Do we continue with the inequity, the injustice, the unemployment, the under-education that creates these byproducts that we see this evening? Do we continue that?"

After further investigation into the shooting, however, it has become even more apparent that the riot and the violence and destruction were all for nothing. The police officer who killed an armed suspect was black, sources have revealed. That fact alone seemed to silence so many protesters and rioters.

Perhaps they will now see that the problem isn't with the police, but with the people the police have sworn to watch and protect. When something looks shady or about to go down, these men and women step up to the challenge, no matter their race or color.

We need to do more to support our police, not threaten them and tear them down. You can do better, Milwaukee. We all can.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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