“My name is Kristen Patterson. I am writing to ask a question. You see my husband is a HUGE fan, and when I say HUGE I mean it. He is currently serving our country in the United States Army and has deployed twice to Afghanistan.”

That was the beginning of a letter from North Pole, Alaska resident Kristen Patterson to Denver Broncos Quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Her husband is a Manning fan and he dreamed of someday having the opportunity meet him. He had no idea that his wife wrote the letter.

Kristen had no idea her letter would prompt a law enforcement investigation into her whereabouts.

She received a phone call from her local police department asking if she was the woman who wrote the letter. Before you start to worry that this was some sort of stock-arazzi investigation, just wait.

Peyton Manning happened to read this particular piece of fan mail, and wanted to meet this military hero from North Pole, Alaska. His staff tracked Mrs. Patterson down and she and Mr. Manning arranged a surprise meeting for him and her husband.

No doubt she was able to ensure that she is, in fact, “the coolest wife ever of all time,” as stated in her letter.

Manning and Patterson were co-conspirators in a plan to get her husband front and center with Petyon  while they were home in Colorado over Christmas in 2014 holiday. They succeeded.

This was no 5-minute meet-and-greet autograph a head-shot face-to-face. This was private meeting between Manning and the Patterson couple.

Army veteran, Ryan Patterson was over the moon. Yes, his wife, “is the greatest wife ever.” He went on to say, “If you asked me who is the one person, anybody in the world, I want to meet, I would immediately say Peyton Manning and she made that happen.”

Patterson was able to meet his sports idol and Manning had the humble honor of thanking an Army veteran for his service to our country. How cool.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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