Once again history repeats itself, this time rather than the likes of a Huey Newton or a Bobby Seale, we have a newer and perhaps a slicker version in one Malik Zulu Shabazz who currently heads up the New Black Panther Party.

However other than the snazzy uniforms nothing much has changed within this group, now as then the party described itself as a black revolutionary party, who’s aim was armed self-defense against the police, and in late 1960s party members became involved in a series of violent confrontations with the police which resulted  in deaths on both sides.

And it seems that the 2015 version hasn’t changed much  from the original in its continued diatribes of police with some vile and explosive comments on Shabazz’s “Black Power Radio” program, saying: "We will defend ourselves as Malcolm said, 'by any means necessary,' and that the only option cannot be non-violence... We have the right to defend ourselves with deadly force."

He continued; "This is the new way of the future and this is what will be going on in the future. To hell with these conservatives, they want all these g**damn guns. They want all the guns and they don't want us to have none. They are only jumping up and down because it ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun…New environment going on in America. I notice that they shooting back all over America. So, police brutality is going to come to an end one way or another – or it's just going to be a lot of dead bodies in the streets."

And while all this may sound frightening and quite frankly it is. However Shabazz, aka Paris S. Lewis is an attorney and graduated from Howard University School of Law, and is a pretty smart guy. And while he may talk tough he’s also aware that the original Black Panther Party was quickly dismantled after a brief and violent history. And in the 1970’s the party began to fall apart, and Newton himself faced with more criminal charges. To avoid prosecution, he fled to Cuba in 1971.

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