Mike Rowe is one of the few “reality celebrities” that actually brings a smile for many within Middle America. The outspoken down-to-earth host of “Dirty Jobs” actually works hard at entertaining us, unafraid to tackle any job, no matter how disgusting, dangerous and above all important.

Rowe has made a career out of highlighting those jobs that few of us would do and pays tribute to those rare individuals that go out and do it.

Monday Rowe was asked a question on his Facebook page from a fan regarding the dust-up with United Airlines.

The fan Donna Johnson posted: “I assume you’ve seen the United video. Were you as disturbed as I was? How can a company treat their customers like that and remain in business? I know you fly all the time – what would do if you were the CEO?”

Rowe’s response: “Hi Donna.”

“Like most people, I don’t enjoy seeing passengers dragged down the aisle of a commercial airplane, limp and lifeless. Nor do I enjoy seeing them hogtied at 37,000 feet, (which I’ve also had the occasion to witness – in person – and more than once.)”

“These kinds of episodes are always disturbing, but what bothered me initially about this video was not just the violence, it was the obvious ease with which it could have been avoided. A little common-sense and the freedom to apply it could have resolved this situation in a dozen different ways. Last night, however, I watched a tape of United’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, as he attempted to walk back some earlier comments. He told ABC News that the passenger in question – David Dao - “did nothing wrong.”

Rowe continued: “Now, I’m no longer disturbed, Donna. I’m merely terrified.”

Rowe’s response to Donna was a bit lengthy, however here’s his takeaway which is actually extremely obvious to any rational individual.

Rowe: “Here’s the thing. It’s easy to forget that we have no right to fly. Buying a ticket doesn’t change that. So, when we board the plane, we have no right to remain there. We can be legally removed if we’re too drunk, too loud, too creepy, too suspicious, or too big for the seat. We can be removed if we stink. We can be removed if we’re insubordinate. We can be removed for whatever reason the airline deems necessary."

Rowe went on to say that "United made a business decision that was unbelievably, incomprehensibly stupid, and now they’re paying for it," but to suggest that David Dao “did nothing wrong" is incorrect. "He ignored a direct order from a United representative while sitting on a United plane. He was told to leave and he refused to do so – multiple times by multiple people – all with the proper authority."

Rowe conceded: "Does that mean he deserved a beating? Of course not. But it doesn’t mean he's innocent. "

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