Most common sense critical thinking individuals know corruption when they see it, and seldom need politicians, political appointees, lawyers or a biased media attempting to explain what is obvious.

And the fact that hapless FBI Director James Comey once again inserted himself into the election process simply illustrates how this once honorable investigative agency has so rapidly declined under his guidance.

No doubt the agency is in crisis, primarily because it has lost the trust and confidence of many Americans, who now view the agency as nothing more than the enforcement and political arm of the Obama Administration, rather than as an “apolitical” independent investigative law enforcement agency.

The fault of course lies with the FBI Director himself who decided in June to maneuver through Clinton’s emails as a political minefield rather than to simply do his job as an investigative agency without any political considerations, and make the recommendations required based on the evidence gathered.

Rather then the convoluted and politically motivated assessment which he once again rendered last week, that the newly discovered 650,000 Clinton emails found on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop was somehow successfully reviewed within just 9-days of their discovery, and that he (Comey) stands by his first assessment, that there is no criminality attached to Clinton, within those emails.

This prompted vice presidential nominee Mike Pence during a rally in North Carolina after hearing that the FBI had “not changed” its conclusions responded “You have a four-star general that might get five years in prison, before the end of this year, for mishandling classified information.”

The reverence was about General James Cartwright who was charged during an investigative probe with lying to the FBI regarding Iran’s nuclear program and discussing classified information with the media.

Pence continued; “you have a sailor that just went to jail for taking a half-a-dozen photographs in a classified area of a nuclear submarine. So let me say this, if only for their decades of self-dealing with the politics of personal enrichment, mishandling classified information and compromising our national security, we must ensure that Hillary Clinton is never elected president of the United States of America.”

Pence added “the American people have had enough,” “and they have especially had enough of the fast and loose ethics of Bill and Hillary Clinton.” The crowd launched into a chant of “Lock her up!”

Pence is not the only one who thinks Hillary needs to be behind bars. Watch as crowds go ballistic chanting "LOCK HER UP"!


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This is Treason!

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