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There is no love lost between Governor Mike Huckabee (Arkansas) and President Obama. In his latest rightful reprimand, Governor Huckabee takes issue with the President inviting homosexual and gay marriage, transgender mainstreaming advocates and pro-abortionists, to include Catholic nuns, to the White House welcoming of Pope Francis.

“President Obama’s classless decision to transform Pope Francis’ visit to the White House into a political cattle call for gay and pro-abortion activists is an insult to millions of Catholics,” said Huckabee.

Not to mention every other faith out there that takes issue with either. Huckabee is dead on right. It seems not an opportunity goes by that our President doesn’t go out of his way to stick-it in someone’s face that he is higher and mightier than thou while simultaneously embarrassing the entire country.

Obama’s hatred for those of the Catholic faith went even further, as put forth by Catholic League President, Bill Donahue,

“It is so fitting that the least friendly administration to religion in history would invite a collection of pro-abortion nuns, Catholic gay activists, assorted dissidents and religious rebels to attend Pope Francis’ visit to the White House on September 23.”

Never in our nation’s history have we had a President such as Obama. Even the most liberal and progressive prior to him would never have dreamt of performing the belligerent and denigrating acts that he does on the public stage of the world. He is as Huckabee says-classless.

Source: CNS



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