Mike Brown Family

In October of 2014, Pearl Gordon probably felt her position as Mike Brown's grandmother may have insulated her against the criminals running amok in the streets. She set up a booth with merchandise such as t-shirts bearing Mike Brown's name to sell to customers and rioters alike. Grandma Pearl should have realized that criminals don't necessarily play by the rules no matter who you are, especially during illegal riots.

Mike Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden and her husband, the volatile Louis Head took issue with grandma turning into a capitalist. Instead of demanding if black lives matter, maybe they should have been asked if family matters. Along with 20 to 30 other looting criminals, mom and step-dad pillaged grandma's merchandise booth, committing felony armed robbery and making off with almost $2,000 in cash and merchandise.

The embattled Ferguson Police Department has finally closed that particular damning investigation, turning everything over to the St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office. It boggles the mind that the office has to actually spend more than one hour to review the obvious evidence in order to file criminal charges. Family dispute or not, an armed robbery is a serious felony, especially since Louis Head is responsible for inciting the violent riots.

The consequences for turning a neighborhood into a war zone is finally being explored by the authorities. The insanity of mob rule that boils over into looting and burning does more damage than merely destroying the community. It can bring down a dividing line between families, putting even more lives at risk, especially when the violence is over and guilt over bad blood begins to curdle in their veins.

It may be cliché to say, "If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime." The truth of it is still highly relevant, and not just to the law or that devastated community in Ferguson. If Mike Brown would have only realized the horrors he would bring down upon his own family by attacking Officer Wilson and losing his own life in the process, perhaps things might have played out a bit differently. Then again, it's obvious the entire family are practicing criminals, so perhaps not.

It looks like Mike Brown's family are going to finally pay the price for their disregard of the law, and for society as a whole. Driving away merchants and burning the buildings that provide goods and services only compounds the local problems, not solve them. Then again, we all know how most criminal minds can't think beyond their own seething levels of personal greed.

The day they are all arrested, charged and behind bars will be a definite positive move for that community.



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