The official county autopsy report on Michael Brown illustrates the truth behind what actually went down when the Ferguson, Missouri police officer Daren Wilson shot Michael Brown. Two different doctors looked over the report from St. Louis County for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The report showed that the the first shot that hit Michael Brown hit him from very close range in the thumb. This only supports Wilson's claim that the two had struggled for the gun in Wilson's police cruiser.

Separate reports also indicate that Brown's blood was found inside the police cruiser as well as on Wilson's uniform and gun. Furthermore the report noted that the wound from Brown's thumb contained “microscopic matter from the barrel” of Wilson's gun.

Although some eyewitnesses reported that Wilson had shot Brown while he was running away the report disproved these by showing that Wilson shot Brown five additional times in the front of his body.

The angle of the bullet hole to Brown's head indicated that Brown was either falling forward or lunging at the officer at the time of the shot.

The thing that is most troubling is that despite what protestors and liberal news sources continue to report, Brown's hands were in fact not in the air when he was shot.

To make matters worst Brown came back positive for marijuana in the report's toxicology report.

As more and more information comes out from the grand jury investigation Wilson's claim is becoming increasingly more substantiated and it seems that there are just too many holes in liberal news sources and protestors.

This of course is not the first that liberals are quick to throw out the facts and truth just to advance their socialist agendas.

Make sure to spread this on Facebook and show the facts behind what actually happened in the Mike Brown shooting. It's time we show the world what sort of lies they've been fed by these liberal protestors!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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