This rumored report on Monday by Professor Ruud Koopmans, of the Netherlands warning the European Union to deny entry to Muslim refugees, cannot be confirmed, however if history is indeed a guidepost to perhaps our future than any report authored by any expert on Muslim culture, world history or theology, is simply a reaffirmation of what mankind has already experienced through the ages, at the hands of those who practice Islam.

History is replete with events of Muslim armies invading their neighbors spreading death and destruction while subjugating and enslaving those who would not submit to Islamic doctrine.

Professor Koopmans analogy that out of the 1-billion Muslims better the half have a “fundamental” believe and are “practicing Muslims” and have a strictly conservative interpretation of Islamic doctrine as detailed within the Quran.

Moreover, if Koopmans analogy is true, that means that perhaps as many as 50-million “fundamental Muslims” who are devoted and follow the Quran feel comfortable with the violence being committed by the radical extreme elements within Islamic culture.

Professor Koopmans

This stunning conclusion by Koopmans, who is a professor of sociology and migration research at the Humboldt University of Berlin and also the director of integration research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, acknowledged that not every Muslim who is devoted and follows the Quran is prepared to engage in violence, however, that perhaps explains the universal silence by so-called “moderate Muslims” in condemning acts of terrorism in the name of Islam.

'I'm very conservative with my estimate of 50-million violent Muslims,' added Professor Koopmans.

He went on: 'There is nothing wrong with foreign cultures, as long as they are looking for the connection to the majority in society and actually enrich our countries.

'But those who are here to spread their medieval beliefs, which are unfortunately widespread in Islamic countries, must be met with zero tolerance.'

Koopmans is calling for refugees and migrants to be held initially in transit zones, 'as long as their identity is unclear'.

Ironically this rumored report went public on Monday, while President Trump’s travel ban was being debated in America, and as our president attempts to get our immigration policy under control and back on track after 8-years of willful destruction by the Obama Administration.

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Source: Daily Mail

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