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“Biting the hand that feeds you,” is seldom a good idea, especially if you’re a Syrian refugee with a public relations issue, then perhaps you should be particularly mindful of your situation, that is of course if you’re actually fleeing oppression.

Moreover, when you think of the term ‘refugee,’ you might conjure up an image of a person wearing tattered clothes, clinging to what is left of their belongings.

They are fleeing from violence in their native country and are afraid for their lives. They have uncertain futures, but the one thing that they do know is that anything is better than where they came from.

However in this case a Syrian woman who was complaining about her accommodations, and describing them as a jail, saying; “So this is not a life. When you get inside to our room, without a TV…”

And of course she continued complaining about not having a fridge, and apparently a lack of “booze” stating; “We don’t want to stay in this room, because we run away from our country because of the situation, and now we live in the jail.”

What seems apparent within this mix of refugees is an attitude that perhaps expects something for nothing and perhaps isn't deserving of entering a country that affords them “freedom” and when it comes to America an opportunity to achieve the “American Dream”…in short we already have enough moochers complaining, perhaps a free return ticket home would be advisable!

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