For those that believe that the refugee issue in Europe is being blown out of proportion, then this graphic and troubling 6-minute video is especially for you, thanks in part to the brave crew of “60-Minutes.”

The video is actually a mini documentary of what is currently taking place in Sweden, this female reporter with her crew went about Sweden speaking with both native Swedes and Muslim refugees about what is taking place within this once beautiful country, which has “foolishly” opened it’s arms welcoming those in apparent need, only to be abused, and assaulted.

The Swedish narrator along with the “60-Minute” reporter chat about the plight of having hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees overrunning the country, and overwhelming it’s resources.

Sweden has always been an entitlement society, however it now finds itself in danger of having it’s own civil Swedish society, destroyed by gangs of male Muslim refugees “gaming the system” and intimidating Swedish citizens.

However if truth be told, this situation in Sweden was inevitable, in that Sweden like may other European countries have looked the other way, while the Muslim minorities created their own “no go zones” total areas within the country run exclusively by Muslims, and where police and Swedish authority are afraid to enter, and in which no civil society can long endure that kind of smoldering fuse, before it explodes.

The last few minutes of this video turned into a brawl as young Muslim thugs attacked the crew of “60-Minutes” assaulting a cameraman, and using a vehicle as a weapon, running over the foot of one of the crew, throwing punches and rocks for no apparent reason then filming…in short these are bad people who belong in prison.

Do you think this behavior is indicative of the violent culture that Syrian migrants are bringing to Europe and the United States?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Live Leak


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Migrants Viciously Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Europe For NO REASON!"]
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