Just imagine for a moment what is taking place all across Europe and in particular Sweden suddenly becomes the “new-normal” for America? No doubt if Hillary wins the White House, that chilling possibility, becomes almost assured, with her promise of increasing the Muslim refugee population to 550% above Obama’s reckless open border policy.

The “new-normal” for Sweden as seen an epidemic rise in almost all acts of criminally including violent assaults, robbery, rapes, and homicides, moreover “multiculturalism” and political correctness are solely destroying Sweden’s national heritage, and to the dismay of it’s citizens many within the Swedish government are covering up sexual assaults of children especially within the schools.

This latest incident involved a 9-year Swedish girl set upon by a gang of refugee children; she was repeatedly beaten, sexually assaulted, and emotionally tormented. And rather than report the violent assault to authorities the school simply covered it up.

When the parents confronted school officials demanding answers as to why their young daughter was assaulted, a school spokesmen responded;

“she is blonde and sweet” and therefore a target.

However that didn’t stop mom from going public, she appeared on Swedish Television News Sörmland, telling the country of her ordeal; “My daughter was standing with a tray in the dining room. Then, they pulled down her pants and humped her while everyone watched.”

Do you think liberal governments are willing to sacrifice the safety of their own citizens to save face in light of a failed Muslim migration policy?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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