A “sexual emergency.” While there are certainly some nymphomaniacs lurking in our society, it is a safe bet that 99.9999% of them never think about raping someone to get happy.

It is even an infinitesimally safer bet that no nympho-male would ever consider raping a 10-year old boy to satisfy the “urge.”

This is not the case with one particular culture. You get three guesses, no you get one guess, because if you can’t figure it out then you’re living on some other planet. That culture would be Muslim, Middle Eastern Islam, whatever moniker they go by now.

Personally sadistic pig-spawn of hell works for yours truly when it comes to child rapists of any ethnicity.

Over in Vienna, a 10-year old boy was minding his own business swimming in the pool. He was drug out of the pool, hauled off to the changing room, and viciously raped by a 20-year old Muslim refugee who just couldn’t help himself.

“I couldn’t stand not having sex as I have excess sexual energy,” was this filth’s excuse. When he was idiotically asked if this sort of thing was acceptable where came from. Who cares?! He said no, that “Such a thing is forbidden in any country in the world.”

Yet he did it. Yet a little boy lay in a hospital somewhere because the sodomite damaged him so immensely.

The boy had to “FIND” a lifeguard to get help post-assault. Nobody noticed him missing. Nobody heard him screaming for the help that never showed up. Really? Nobody else needed in the changing room?  Pray tell, where the enter-expletive were this child’s parents or whoever was tasked with looking after him?

Having satiated his demonic need, the rapist took time to enjoy his euphoria by going back to the pool. This poor excuse for a human being does not deserve to walk among humanity. He should be culled from the herd.

This is coming here everybody. Yeah, well game on pig-perverts.  You might get away with that in namby-pamby land across the Atlantic, but it will never fly here. Ever.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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