A bill signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seeks to instill personal responsibility in the Wolverine State’s more than 80,000 welfare recipients. The legislation measure seeks to provide a path away from substance abuse in a one year pilot program authorizing suspicion-based drug testing program for adult welfare recipients.

Michigan Puts Drug Abusers on Notice

The measure earned broad conservative support in Michigan’s legislative chambers, which passed House Bill 4118 and Senate Bill 275 in the last session which landed the measure on the governor’s desk. A one year pilot program has been authorized for three, yet to be announced counties, whereby welfare recipients, who are suspected of substance abuse, will be mandated to take a drug test as a condition of continued governmental benefits.

While frothing liberals will in all likelihood make an attempt to throw up a legal challenge to the measure, supporters note that they will not have a legal leg to stand on. Indeed, welfare recipients who are suspected of substance abuse, and that suspicion is confirmed by a drug test, will be referred to a suitable recovery center for substance abuse treatment.

Under the program’s provisos, any welfare recipient, or applicant, who refuses to take the test will have their benefits suspended for six months. Further, anyone who refuses to receive treatment and participate in program mandated drug tests will also be barred from gaining assistance. Benefits will be returned once the person passes a drug test.

A Call for Accountability

This law recognizes the fact that government handouts are not a civil right that is afforded to those who are seeking to game the system at the expense of the rest of us who are forced to foot the bill for their drug addiction, and the actions of Governor Snyder should be lauded as a rational step towards a rational benefit policy. Compassion does not mean enabling another’s weakness, and this measure will puts that fact to the test over the next year in Michigan.



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