Michelle Obama recently shocked television audiences in a guest appearance on the quiz show Jeopardy, appearing with a bizarre hairdo that made the first lady appear bald.

Contestants selected clues under the subject heading “healthy cooking with Michelle Obama.” Upon selecting the clue, contestants were treated to video clues by Michelle that dealt with nutrition—that is if they were able to keep their eyes off of her head, which appeared to be closely shaved.

Appearance aside, however, it’s disheartening to see the continued overreach of the first lady in pushing her nutrition agenda on the country and its schools.

Michelle is convinced that by banning school bake sales and increasing the quality of school meals—and increasing costs right alongside.

If her overreach in state-run school systems across the country wasn’t enough, she seems to now have decided that she needs to garner attention on a nationally syndicated quiz show.

Whatever her reasons, it’s clear that she has become involved in things that are outside of the purview of the first lady.

Having the first lady push policy across the country seems to be the new norm, but it would help a lot if Michelle Obama had credentials that proved she was able to make nutrition decisions based on something other than the desire to get television-time.



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