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When presidents leave the White House they rarely disappear from the public's eye. With the possible exception of former President George W. Bush, who has remarkably (or perhaps wisely) remained out of the public's eye, most former presidents make themselves available for speaking tours and lectures.

For President Barack Obama, his post-presidency plans, though still over a year away, include funding a digital library and working hard to increase his reach through an international charity. But what about Michelle?

Michelle Obama has, perhaps more than any other First Lady, involved herself in policy and programs that support her husband's liberal agenda. She's attacked school lunches and bake sales, and spoken out against racism and social disparity.

So you can imagine that she's going to miss the power and prestige that comes from being the spouse of the world's most influential person.

According to an inside source close to Mrs. Obama, Michelle is already planning how she can continue her reach and impact after her husband leaves the White House and it involves making a lot of money for herself.

This source confirmed that Michelle has plans to write a memoir in which she'll "get millions for it." After encouraging people to pay to read her life's story, Michelle will be heavily involved in the lecture circuit, giving speeches and presentations for millions of dollars.

Reportedly, Michelle was also considering running for an Illinois senate seat, but those rumors have died out. Perhaps she realized that if her public trajectory too closely mirrored that of Hillary Clinton she would start to be under the same scrutiny that has hobbled Clinton's presidential campaign.

As it stands, being the first black First Lady and having had such a strong hand in her husband's political reign has definitely set the stage well for Michelle to cash in big when she leaves the White House. One can only hope she chooses to be a force for good with her influence.


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