Since in office, the Obama's always seem to be vacationing. Whether it is President Obama on the golf course daily, family Broadway nights on the town in New York City, or the Obama children heading to spring break in Mexico, the first family loves their vacations. Sadly, considering the economy has been limping a long since President Obama took over, you would think they would exercise some sense cutting back for the sake of Americans that are still suffering.

First Lady Michelle Obama, whom the US Herald reported last Monday about her hobnobbing with Sharia Law implementing royalty and receiving $70,000+ necklace that yes yet to be returned because it is “property of the U.S. Government”, seems to truly enjoy the finer things in life.

Questions arose when President Obama sent Michelle on a “whirlwind, luxury tour” of Spain, that many suggest was paid for with taxpayer money. Well, a group called Judicial Watch, was one of those many and they said enough was enough.

Judicial Watch attorneys filed a lawsuit to request documents from the Obama's to show they there were no improprieties. The lawsuit was filed way back in March, 2012, and the courts put forth the order for the Obama's to release their expense records. So, what seems to be the problem? They refused to comply with the court order, and since Barack and Michelle are not in jail, it is obvious they are above responding to court requests and lawsuits.

The trip in question included the Obama family sans the President. According to Conservative Tribune, the trip included dining with the King and Queen for lunch and traveling through coastal towns. Beyond that, any other information has apparently been kept secret.

That, of course, is not the only request that Judicial Watch has made. According to Viral Buzz, they sued the Air force and Secret Service for records that detailed Michelle Obama's family sky vacation to Aspen. The Freedom Of Information Act request was placed on May 31, 2012. That also has yet to be answered at this time. Viral Buzz did manage to obtain confirmation on expenses seen below.


This is a pattern with King and Queen Obama unless you think this list is pretty normal, or purchasing $50,000 in lingerie in one New York City trip, according to the Daily Caller. I thought Barack and Michelle Obama were the epitome of the common folk and the 99 percent?

Perhaps, if the Obama family spent less time vacationing and spending, there would be more time to ensure the American people had the time to vacation and spend.

What are your thoughts?

Have the Obama's been wrongfully living it up during the President two terms of flat, non-existent economy?

Is there a legitimate reason the Obama's are withholding the information on those two trips, or is something more sinister a foot?

Leave your thoughts below.



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