Michelle Obama and her husband are promising $70-Million dollars to her ‘Let Girls Learn” program. Wow! Feminists everywhere are standing up and cheering. What a great thing for her to do! Tackle the War-on-Women at the education level and get these girls believing in themselves.

If you are thinking that this tax-payer money would be going to our cash-strapped school systems, robbed by their teacher unions, you are very wrong. That $70-Million dollars is going overseas to the Middle East. That’s right, this tax-payer money will be going to fund the education of young girls in the liberated nation of Pakistan. You know the place…where girls are chattel, sold off into marriage to pedophiles, beaten for breathing without permission, and dressed in rugs.

Why? Well, Michelle has her reason, which according to the program announcement is,

“Young women in Pakistan face barriers and lack access to education opportunities from an early age due to poverty, cultural norms, and geographic isolation.”

This is pablum for the idiots among us. It is also the same load of bull they sell here with respect to the “disadvantaged” in the inner cities of America; lack of opportunity, isolation, poverty, violence….

As Judicial Watch points out, school districts from Oakland, California, to Detroit, Michigan, to Washington, D.C., are in devastating financial straits. Not to mention the fact that these are among the poorest and most violent communities in the United States.

If Michelle was so worried about the educational opportunities of young disadvantaged women, why are they not focusing their efforts here with respect to their make believe “War on Women?” The reason is, if they educated our “disadvantaged females” like they claim they would like to, they wouldn’t have the welfare-mommas on the Democrat rolls. If they make a multi-million dollar theatrical production for education, in some other country, and a terrorist one to boot, then it will look like they care, when in fact they don’t, and it will keep our own “disadvantaged” females and schools in their hip pockets as loyal voters forever.

h/t RickWells.us

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