Schoolchildren throughout America will have cause to rejoice in January when Congress will take up legislation to repeal the dire lunchroom menu imposed on them by First Lady Michelle Obama.

As part of the “First 100 Days: Rules, Regulations, and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue,” plan for the Trump administration, Republican lawmakers will introduce the bill to toss Mrs. Obama’s “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” that saw millions of school lunches tossed into the trash as students found them unappetizing and inedible.

The First Lady had taken as her special cause, childhood obesity, and despite having no background in nutrition, dietary science or health care, developed guidelines that not only resulted in increased costs and massive waste in schools around the country, but in hungry kids.

Coaches complained that student athletes were not getting sufficient calories or nutrition to compete, and teachers noted students poor performance in class during the afternoon after lunchtime saw their trays emptied into the trash.

Studies showed that as a result of the often unappetizing and frequently unpalatable foods required by the program, 1.2 million students stopped eating school lunches.

Parents who sent “brown bag” lunches to school learned that lunchroom “monitors” inspected the lunches and discarded foods deemed “non-compliant” with the First Lady’s standards.

“The largest of the five school- and center-based programs, the National School Lunch Program, fed about 30 million children each school day in 2014 and cost $12.7 billion. The rules are hallmarks of the Obama administration, but kids aren’t eating the foods, industries can’t comply with the standards, and schools are wasting money.”

Critics of the program often noted that the two school-aged daughters of President and Mrs. Obama attended a private school where menu items like Kobe beef hamburgers, fresh salmon and other gourmet foods were served for lunch.

Check out the reality of Michelle Obama's lunch program. It's not pretty:






Students will now be able to look forward to Mac ‘n Cheese, Taco Tuesday, Fish-stick Friday, chocolate milk and who knows… maybe even a cookie for dessert!

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Source: Politico

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