One can only imagine if this rumor by a former Newsweek editor actually becomes fact, the multitude of angles and subplots and drama that this would produce among the progressive politically elite, would be stunning.

Just imagine Michelle Obama throwing her weave into the ring, and challenging Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.  However a poll conducted in 2009 by CNN reported that a majority of Americans would be against Michelle Obama running for president.

It’s been reported that Michelle plans to write books, give speeches and try to maintain the lifestyle she has enjoyed as First Lady.

“Michelle has had the time of her life in the White House, and she doesn’t want to step down from that luxurious Air Force One lifestyle, ”said a source close to Jarrett. “(She) is definitely going to write a memoir.”

It turns out that Michelle is extremely close to advisor Valerie Jarrett, and they have big plans together.

However the thought of Michelle as a potential rival to Hillary is intriguing, and one could only imagine what kind of debate would actually take place, both obviously know where the bodies are hidden.

And since the rumor “Michelle for President” bumpers stickers have popped up all over the country.

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