I am sure everyone has heard all the typical banter about George Bush, oil and Saudi Arabia. Liberal leaning mainstream media outlets are typically posting photographs that show George W. Bush seemingly hobnobbing with the Saudi royal family, et cetera. However, when a certain leftist first lady gets an expensive gift from an oppressive Islamic foreign leader, they seem to look the other way. Conservative Tribune reported, according to a report from the State Department's Federal Register, the queen of Brunei just gifted a piece of jewelry worth over $70,000 to Michelle Obama.


Brunei is a tiny oil-rich nation on the island of Borneo, which is in the South China sea.

The pretentious, pompous gift, from one queen to another, were “flower-shaped white gold earrings, ring, and a necklace. They are all studded with yellow sapphires and diamonds. According to the report, their value is $ 71,468.

So, what is the big deal?

Normally, something like this would be all over the mainstream media. Ladies of ABC, MSNBC, and the other letters in the alphabet soup of media would be swooning over Michelle's new accessory.

However, when it is from her majesty Hassanal Bolkiah, the affiliates run for cover. You see, Queen Bolkiah, has been making waves across the pond because she has been slowly implementing Sharia Law into her country.

Prior her leadership, the country was under English common law, and had been since 1988. The country of Brunei, formerly under the yoke of England, has been a sovereign country since 1984. In recent years, it has been slowly adopting elements of Sharia Law, such as death by stoning for being adulterous or homosexual.

American celebrities such as Jay Leno have protested Brunei's implementation of Sharia Law, which is said to apply to one-third of non-Muslims in the country.

Besides the moral implications, federal ethics rules actually prohibit Michelle Obama from keeping such a gift. It is considered “U.S. Government property”, but it can be bought. First lady Obama can purchase it from the General Services Administration, which considering the Obamas last known worth was over $2 million, most would say she can afford it.

It remains to be seen whether she will lawfully own it, or better yet, will now denounce the gift to save face amongst her husband's most loyal crowd.

What are your thoughts? Should Michelle Obama had accepted such a gift? If so, should she now give it back? If not, do you think she will be called out by Hollywood, Academia, or the mainstream media?

Leave your thoughts below.

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