Why anyone would be surprised by the Obama’s lack of understanding or acknowledgment of what the true meaning of Christmas is, should actually surprise no one. Remember this is the character who wanted to “transform America” and this is the same character that actually said “Islam Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country since Its Founding.”

“Delusional” doesn’t even begin to describe this guy, so why would anyone be surprised when this “closet Muslim” purposely ignores the true significance of Christmas?

The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ!

If anything Obama has demonstrated through his inaction's and policies within the Middle East that the thousands upon thousands of Arab/Christians being persecuted and slaughtered, are not on his agenda.

Moreover the reported Christmas decorations are actually in keeping with Obama’s ambiguous interpretation of Christmas and who he truly is.


The theme, 'The Gift of the Holidays,” is a perfect reflection of these two amoral characters, which includes 56 Lego gingerbread houses - one for each state and territory in the State Dining Room.



That's also where visitors will find the gingerbread White House, made from 150 pounds of gingerbread covered in 100 pounds of bread dough.

However perhaps the most intriguing is the portrait of Hillary Clinton hanging in the hallway with snowmen lining the corridor.


Despite all the holiday images and decorations there is not a single image of Jesus Christ or the Nativity scene to be found anywhere.

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