Michelle Obama recently told her experiences with racism in an interview with People Magazine. In that interview she described an "incident" that happened during a trip she took to Target, where she was asked for help by a woman that needed assistance to get something from a shelf. This was, in Michelle Obama's eyes, a racial incident.

The problem with the First Lady's trip to Target isn't that she was the victim of racism, the problem is that a person didn't recognize her as the first lady when she asked Obama for help. The question, "Excuse me, can you help me?" Is asked thousands of times a day across the country to people that don't work in stores, and none of them claim racism. But, with Michelle's ego she can't handle going through life being unrecognized by her adoring public, so when she experiences someone not knowing who she is, she has to twist it into a story of being a victim of racism. Because what other logical reason would a person have for asking her for help?

Michelle Obama has lived in the White House for six years, and has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, that would rival Marie Antoinette, from staying in $8,400 a night hotel rooms when traveling, to sending her kids to a school with a tuition bill that exceeds $30,000 annually. She's so detached from reality that she has forgotten what it's like for most people to go to Target and be asked by a fellow shopper for help reaching an item on the shelf. In fact, in her world she feels that she needs to go to Target in a disguise, and by "disguise" she means a baseball hat and sunglasses. The typical disguise used in movies when someone's trying to "blend in" but really it just makes them stand out more.

Her story about "racism" does nothing but continue to escalate the racial tensions that are currently sweeping the nation, and they cheapen the stories of people that experience true racism. Once again, it has been shown that the Obama White House is trying to divide the nation, instead of united it.


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