This past Monday night Michelle Obama took the time to address the room full of outraged Bernie Sanders supporters as well as delusional Hillary Clinton supporters and reminded them all of one thing, she lives in a house built by slaves.

Both Michelle and Barrack Obama have not been shy about bringing up this statement n the past. Much like everything Obama and the rest of the manipulative left say this does not even come close to painting the full picture, but rather they have taken one detail and blown it way out of proportion to overshadow the actual truth behind it.

Michelle Obama has used the 'slaves built the White House' comment before and when she used it at a college graduation a while back and Independent journalist reported that while what she said was not technically false, it did not come close to painting the whole picture. Some very key details had been left out intentionally to lead the audience to believe in a false truth.

One crucial detail is that the majority of the labor force that built the White House was in fact, not slaves. It was local workers and other white immigrants. So by that logic the White House was actually built by white people but Michelle Obama didn't seem to want to mention that.

There is also evidence that shows that the government paid the slaves that built the White House. Wouldn't that by many definitions of slavery make them not slaves?

There's no denying that the United States does have a past filled with racism and slavery, but it also has a past in which people chose to combat this racism and abolish the evil institution of slavery.

Democrats only want to focus on the bad things that America has done to make people feel guilt and fear. They never seem to point out that America fought a war to end slavery and that people from all races and all political views fought and died to make this country the great country that it has become.

Maybe the first lady should start to focus on the good things that her country has done instead of always attacking it for the bad things that this country has had to overcome.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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