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It is becoming increasingly apparent this campaign season that both the Obamas and the Clintons have dusted off the “diversity mantra” in an attempt to vilify “The Donald” and his supporters.

And how better to make that case than having First Lady Michelle Obama make a speech speak the “diversity” at City College of New York, the oldest public university in the state.

Saying, “I really want you all to know that there is a reason why, of all of the colleges and universities in this country, I chose this particular school in this particular city for this special moment,” Michelle delivered the last commencement address of her tenure as First Lady on Friday, and of course taking a thinly veiled a swipe at Donald Trump, saying “some folks” don't value the “diversity” that City College embodies.

“They seem to view our “diversity” as a threat to be contained rather than as a resource to be tapped,” Obama said. “They tell us to be afraid of those who are different, to be suspicious of those with whom we disagree.”

Committed progressive ideologues like Obama have figured out that rather than actually solving issues like discrimination or poverty, it is actually more beneficial to them to recycle those issues as political talking points in each election cycle, thus “race, gender,” and now “diversity” become progressive talking points within their political arsenal.

Terms like “race and gender” are blanket words and can easily cover almost any issue, they can easily be mixed and matched to suit whatever particular issue is purposely brought into public awareness, as demonstrated by the latest created issue, that of transgenderism, and how nicely that blanket word “diversity” covers it.

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